French Chateau 法国酒庄

French Chateau

General Information

Ref No.: VFBD2014002

Location: Blaye, Côtes de Bordeaux, France

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This Estate has not a real Château house to show, it is not the advantage of this operation, the great advantage stays the quality potential of the soil which is also very high potential. The motivation of the investor who will buy this Château will be more for the wine than for the buildings, this is why mixing the 2 estates, make a real nice and attractive unit of production: a very nice Chateau building on one side with a small vineyard and a large vineyard on the other side with a lodging for workers or manager. The other big plus point is the chateau brands available in this Estate : 3. So, if the 2 estates are mixed, the owner will have the right to use totally 4 Chateau brand names for 18 + 5 ha of vineyards. This is an exceptional marketing opportunity.

Owners: 2 brothers and one sister. no children to follow. Want to stop.

Size of the vineyards : Size 15 ha

Quality of the managing of the vineyards: very good.

Disposition and exposure of the vineyards: good exposure in average unified in one big plot upper the estuary influence. Very good plus point.

Quality of the soils and potential: Merlot is clearly dominating (good point), the cabernet sauvignon are also in good situation. Soils are homogeneous; potential is 60% high level for top quality, no soils low quality. Very good point.


VFBD2014002_3Living Room VFBD2014002_4Main House
VFBD2014002_5Kitchen VFBD2014002_6Dining Room
VFBD2014002_7Bedroom VFBD2014002_8Bedroom

Vineyard and Winemaking Facilities

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Age of the plants: Not perfect but at a good level, no special requirements. No need to invest again before minimum 10 years.

Way of managing the vineyards: Very well managed.

The master house: Basic standard house. It is not a master house but could be used for an employee.

General looking of the buildings: need a small renovation for the general sight.

The wine cellars: Correct equipment. Possibility of extension for low price. The outside shades need to be a little bit adapted.

The winemaking materials: Correct and efficient.

Potential of place for ageing in casks:  Correct.

Potential of storage: Correct without any extra investments.

Investment Potential

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Reputation of the brand: Not high for the brand but the place has good reputation and that point can be a good justification of the investment. It’s not correctly worked.

Number of Château brands allowed: 3 Château names. This is a very good point and this has value.

Quality of the wines over several vintages: Good level. The owner is not a great winemaker, we are sure to make better.

Quantity potential production: 15 +3 ha x 50 hl (6000 Bles) = 108 000 bottles per year (normal vintage).

Current market: 70% is sold to Bx brokers. This is the reason why the quality is not the main goal. The best part is sold in bottles, but their market is not dynamic.

Potential of reselling after a decade: Possibility of profit because the place is well known. Anyway, the investment cannot lose value, it is a safe investment.

Value for money: The price is acceptable if you focus on the soil potential.



参考编号: VFBD2014002


VFBD2014002_1 VFBD2014002_2








VFBD2014002_3客厅 VFBD2014002_4主屋装潢摆设
VFBD2014002_5厨房 VFBD2014002_6饭厅
VFBD2014002_7睡房 VFBD2014002_8睡房


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