Joy of Sharing Free delivery Gift Box

《Joy of Sharing – 分享喜悅》
「臨近佳節, 又係送禮既好時候
GRM Wine 現誠意推出各式洋酒禮盒
除左可以送上心意, 亦可以分享滋味, 一齊細味佳釀」

“Festivals approaching !
Time to prepare gifts for beloved ones
GRM Wine sincerely introduces various wine gift boxes
Pairing up with our delicious wine
To deliver your festive greeting as well as sharing intoxicating flavors together”

Wooden Gift Box

Single packing: $30

Single wooden boxsingle wooden box2

Duo Packing: $55

duo wooden box 2 duo wooden box

Leather Gift Box

Single packing with accessories: $95

single leather box black 3 single leather box black 5

Duo packing with accessories: $160

duo leather box duo leather box 3

Collapsible single packing: $45

single leather box brown 2 single leather box brown 3 single leather box brown 4