Wine Asset Management

In terms of Wine Asset Management, GRM Wine provides two kinds of professional services. We launch the En Primeur (also known as “Wine Future") from Bordeaux every year and ensure you have the access to the top Bordeaux wines at the most advantageous prices. We also assist you to find your dream winery in France, Spain and Italy and give our professional advice on buying Vineyard Property.




En Primeur

Wine Barrel

En Primeur, also known as “Wine Future”, is a way of buying wines before they have been released and in most cases are still in barrel.

Since 2010, there has been a remarkable correction in pricing of many famous wines and we currently see this as an incredible buying opportunity. Wines from the great Bordeaux Chateau have been proven over decades of analysis, to be able to generate and deliver sustainable investment returns.

Over the years, GRM Wine has built up a sophisticated system for wine lovers to purchase En Primeur. Our team taste through hundreds of En Primeur every vintage in Bordeaux to select only the very best wines for you to enjoy. We offer the En Primeur in preferential prices which are ‘pre-release’ prices per case, for wines to be shipped directly from the winery to your personal cellar or stored in our warehouse.

Wine Cork

By buying En Primeur, you have the opportunity to get the best possible prices on the pick of the vintage. It is not only an exciting and potentially profitable way to invest but also an affordable and easy way to have wine in good price for simply enjoyment.

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Vineyard Property

Buying Vineyard_3

Mostly located in stunningly beautiful countryside locations with accommodation ranging from traditional stone houses and restored farmhouses to grand and luxurious estates with acres of private land, vineyard property provides investors with a very real opportunity of sharing in the ultimate liquid investment and owning their own vineyard whether it is nestling deep in the countryside of Europe.

Buying Vineyard_2

Owning a vineyard is a part of almost everyone’s dreams whether you want to make the wine yourself or simply sit back and enjoy the benefits. And by its very nature, vineyard property is rewarding in a very unique way, providing the benefits of a long-term investment that matures like a fine wine and increases in value, whilst enabling you to enjoy living in a tranquil and peaceful environment surrounded by fabulous countryside. With Europe dominating wine production, vineyard property in countries such as France, Italy and Spain is becoming highly sought after.

Buying Vineyard_1

GRM Wine help you to find the wine related opportunities you are pursuing, while also providing useful information about the different wine regions of the world. Whether a grand old estate in the traditional wine region of France, a boutique vineyard in  Spain or a small winery in the Italy, vineyard property is increasing in popularity for the investor and wine lovers. Vineyard property can provide long-term benefits regardless of downturns in the economy or the wider marketplace whilst enabling you to live out the dream of owning your own vineyard.

In 2014, GRM Wine successfully assisted Samtak Group to acquire Château La Baronnerie in Bordeaux.

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