Bogeda Itsasmendi

Bogeda Itsasmendi

The unique personality of Itsasmendi Winery is coming from the mesoclimate and microclimate of each vineyard jointly with the planification of the management of the winemaking techniques. These vital practices and facts are the main factors used by the Denomination of Origin to grant their unique seal of authentic Txakoli.


Natural environment

Climate: important atlantic influence

The bay of Bizcay influences the climate of the area characterized by cool winter and fresh summer. Average sunshine 1950 hours and rainfall between 900 to 1,500  mm per year.

Soil: geological diversity, topography and microclimate

A thorough study and selection of each particular vineyard has been realized in Itsasmendi from 1990 to 2008 and has given a unique ecological diversity of the area.This kind of terroir-oriented study allows us to pay attention to the particular area of origin and elaborate Txakoli wines  with their own identity . From 2006  Itsasmendi is collaborating with the Technological Centre of investigation of the Basque Government (Neiker) in order to classify all the ingredients found in each vineyard: the soil type, top soil and sub-soil, its elevation , rock strata , microclimate ..etc in order to create a precise map of soils and


During the last years we have been working  with a deep respect for nature . The key is to respect the plant diversity through environmental partnerships. The vine is integrated in the landscape without damaging the  discernible terroir qualities and  preserving this way the local biodiversity.



Our vineyards have a midday sun exposure , vine density ranges from  2,400 to 2,600 vines per hectare and yields are from 7,500 to 8,500 kgrs per hectare, far from the 13,000 kgrs allowed by the Denomination Council.
In each vineyard we have been able to obtain the  diversity of  the soil and to use the data of our research into precision viticulture. Presently we have available 15 units of vines in 9 counties of  Vizcaya  Province. From a total of 35ha of own vineyards, about 15 of them are located in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

We practice natural viticulture through (PI) Production Integrated techniques in harmony with nature. We can not conceive the elaboration of a great wine without respect to the nature.


Grape varieties

Hondarrabi zuri and Hondarrabi zuri zerratie are two native varieties very well adapted to the  ecological conditions of the area. These two  grapes varieties were almost disappeared in the last century  and have been recuperated  in order to provide the complex character , the originality and the authenticity to our Txakoli.

We have also available 1ha of Izkiriot Handi and  2 ha of Riesling, a terroir-oriented atlantic variety which provides complexity and elegance to the wine.

We are closely monitoring the fruit maturity of our vineyards in order to determine the appropriate time to harvest and get this way the maximum ripeness potential of our grapes. Graduation around 12º with good acidity offers good balanced wines. The yield obtained is between 62-67%.

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