Chateau Monbrison 2006
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Chateau Monbrison 2006

Varietal: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 41% Merlot, 7% Petit Verdot, 2% Cabernet Franc

Tasting note: One of the finest Monbrisons produced in many years, the 2006 is a sleeper of the vintage exhibiting classic floral, black currant, roasted herb, and incense characteristics, medium body, and an attractively textured, supple. Raspberry and cherry aromas, with hints of dried flowers, lead to a medium- to full-bodied palate, with chewy tannins and a medium finish. Falls away quickly, yet still attractive.

Vineyard: 13ha 20-40 years old. Deep gravels Mechanical work of the soil, reasoning of the fungicidal  fight, premature thinning-outs of leaves.

Harvest: Hand harvested, in 30 kg picking box. Double sorting of the grape harvest

Ageing: 18 months aging in barrels, among which 40% new wood, French oak exclusively. No filtration.

Climate: Rainfall slightly higher than in 2005, but still well below the average. The month of February and March were well watered followed by a period of drought in the months of April, May and June (deficit of 50% over normal).Temperatures were closer to normal during the recovery of vegetation. The months of July and September were the hottest month in the last 3 years; however the month of August was cooler.

Physiology/Maturity: Budding later than the average. Merlot started mid-April and Cabernets late April But in May temperatures rose causing a rapid growing stage of the vine. First flowers late May with low rainfall during the months of April and May but then in late May and June appeared an early water stress so the clusters couldn’t grow between fruit set and closure.

Vineyard protection: First attack of mildew early and virulent, leading to early protection for a quiet campaign, but the pressure increases from late June and continued until harvest. The pressure of disease asks for a precise quality spray as well as regular hedging in order to maintain healthy foliage.


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