Itsasmendi Urezti 2010
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Itsasmendi Urezti 2010

Varietal: Hondarrabi Zuri

Tasting Note: 12º and 86 grs/ltr of residual sugar provides a delicate late harvest. It was harvested on 17th of November. The conditions ocurred in the autum have gave rise to a different vintage than 2005, 2006 or 2008. On the nose aromas of overripe grapes, honey and pear. This vintage is fresher and soft. In its in-ception remain aromas of very ripe white fruits, subtle citrus, with light struc-ture but with an elegance and slight end.


It is the same style of other brother wines produced in the Atlantic arc we be-long, like they are famous Sauternes, Barsac and Jurancon. The ripening of the grapes on the own grapevine allows a wine harvest throughout the month of November. It was produced first in 2001.

Vineyards: Every year is used a vineyard with 5.000 m2 placed to more than 300 mts altitude where the ripening is slower. Besides each year, it is selected another plot that had stood up for his high graducation, leaving less than 20 clusters per plant until the late November.

Vintage: A brief stint in French oak 225 litres (45 days). The stay in the bottle provides to this delicious wine an enormous complexity and elegance.

Winery Information: Bogeda Itsasmendi


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