Weingut Vollenweider Felsenfest Riesling 2014

Weingut Vollenweider Felsenfest Riesling 2014

Varietal:  100% Riesling

Reviews & Accolades:

This great Riesling made by Vollenweider impresses with its freshness. Beautifully structured it meets the glass with plenty of minerality. The grapes for this white wine are all from the slate-steep slopes of the vineyard on the Mosel. With its fresh acidity and low residual sugar creates a daring dance on the tongue, which animates and forms a nice contrast to the quiet, fruity side of the Riesling. The result is a completely harmonious overall picture, which presents exciting scores and also brings the terroir of Riesling with him – his name is finally program! Felsenfest showing off his minerality on the palate.

Volume: 750ml

Country: Germany


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