Weingut Vollenweider Wolfer Riesling 2013

Weingut Vollenweider Wolfer Riesling 2013

Varietal:  100% Riesling

Reviews & Accolades:

An impressive length and the clear structure of the Wolfer Riesling make it a special treat. Profound, as it is, it comes with enough structure and force the glass to serve as an ideal companion for strong food. The well-balanced sweetness and acidity dances on the tongue and is pleasant and balanced on the palate. Followed by a subtle sweetness, flatters the pronounced minerality the palate. The substance of this Wolfer Riesling fills the whole mouth and impresses with its overall harmony. The fresh taste shows well chilled especially. Whether solo or with light dishes, such as poultry or seafood, can this excellent white wine inserting as a companion.

Volume: 750ml

Country: Germany


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